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2018 Events

Indian Sittning

The first event held by the new board. 50 people were welcomed and treated to traditional indian dishes, as well as a wonderful night of music. All in all a good way to have dinner and make some friends.

Location: Winden, M-Huset, Chalmers Jahanneberg Campus

Date: February, 2018


An annual event held to help celebrate the indian tradition of Holi. Lots of fun for the entire family.

Location: Askimsbadet

Date: 12th May, 2018


A night of music, theatre and dance used to give new students a welcome and to help them feel more welcome into the Indian society here at Chalmers.

Location: Palmstedsalen, Chalmers Johanneberg Campus

Date: October, 2018

Indian Cultural Night – 2018

The largest event of the year. with almost 400 people attending. ICN 2018 was an extravaganza like never seen before in RANG. Safe to say, everyone who came were pleased.

Location: RunAn, Chalmers Johanneberg Campus

Date: 25th November, 2018

Past Events (2017)

Indian Cultural Night-2017

As the year draws to its end, time has come for us to invite light into our lives to drive away darkness and forget our sorrows by celebrating our happiness and sharing our culture with our near and dear ones. The countdown to RANG’s grandeur event – “Indian Cultural Night (ICN)” the grand fiesta has begun. Watch out for one of the grandest Indian gala in Gothenburg as ICN gets bigger and better every year. Join us for the festivities this November and enjoy an amalgamation of cultural and fusion performances with a sumptuous buffet and great company.

Location: Lindhomen Conference Center, Chalmers (Lindholmen Campus)

Date: 18th Nov, 2017