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The 2018 RANG Board

Sheshadri Sathyan

Might seem like a no-nonsense leader (and is for the most part) but boy, can he throw down when there's a party. 

Idli aficionado.

Has a special love for cars, perhaps that's why he became part of the Chalmers Eco-Smarter team. 

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Rohith AK
Vice President

More of a no nonsense leader than the previous guy. Full of helpful life advice and always willing to help anyone out. All round nice guy.

Dosas Please.

Enjoy the moment, create memories

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Karthik Lakshmikanthan

The main money handler. Stingy with the funds, free with the love. If you want an in-depth discussion about most things just buy him a coffee and sit down for a chat.

Dosas buddy.

Don't work for money! let money work for you!

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Prarthana Ramesh
Event Manager

Friendly neighborhood Event Manager. Cooks a real mean chicken curry (ranked 59th in the world). 

Dosa pothum ennaku.

Hugely co-operative and all round good person. Pretty good with damage control too.

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Vishvajith Ramprasad
Event Manager

The best crisis manager one could ask for, also really good at coordinating with the other event manager.

Dosas bruv, but kebab pizza med pommes is love.

Don't hesitate to go after what you really want. Life has a way of working things out however you play it.

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Sangeeth Gandhi
Head of Bhaav

Tries his hardest to make the world just a little bit nicer (but by no means a nice guy). Is a strict vegan, but eats meat every other day. Extremely passionate about a good time.

Dosas or Idlis - Just feed me.

Please check out my blog, thanks


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Nikita Bhushi
Head of Taal

It's all about the rythmn. Passionate about whatever she believes in (which is could be anything, really)

Dosa with sweet sambar.

Favorite book: Catcher in the rye

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Ashok Kumar
Head of Sur

The music is most important for this individual. Loves anything metal (like the genre, not the natural resource). 3D printing is also his forte. 


Favorite place in Sweden: Örebro

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Nandan Merchant
Head of Swad

Proper foodie. Not one of those who instagram before eating, mostly because the food will be done by the time the phone is out.

Idlis please, thank you.

We live to eat

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Lokesh Nandakumar
Public Relations Officer

The bridge between the board and everyone else. Also, the guy who took everyone's photos but doesn't have one for him - He could save others but not himself.

Dosa with sour sambar.

Favorite drink: Water because it's healthy.

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Anirudha CS
Public Relations Officer

Some sort of wanderlust going on over here. Would like to be compared to a shark because he can't stay still either.

Idlis with or without sambar.

Please check out my blog too, thanks.

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