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2017 team

Ann Sheryl Joseph
Hello everyone! I am Ann Sheryl Joseph. You can call me Sheryl. I come from Bangalore, India. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and I am currently doing Masters in Supply Chain Management here at Chalmers. And I live by the line - you will never know unless you try! Almost a year ago I made up my mind and I left my cozy den, traveled across to take up challenges I never thought I could ever handle. Believe me, I have outlived each of it. And the most difficult one of all those things was cooking! Phew! (not good at it yet though :p) So, don’t come to me if you need good Indian food but come to me if you share an interest in dance. I love dancing and it was one of the things that got me attached to RANG. The evenings after lectures I spent with a bunch of dancers is something I will cherish and look forward to. Chalmers is home to so many cultures and RANG sure forms a hub for cultural exchange through its events. I enjoy being a part of the organizing committee that strives hard to bring home to some of you and to some of you, bring India and its colors. Finally, if you need advice on anything come to me, I give them out for free!
Paschim Prasad
Namaskara! Yes, I'm the Vice President of RANG and representing a country like India makes me proud and happy. I come from Namma Bengaluru and am currently studying my Masters in Automotive Engineering (2016-2018). I pursued my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in Bangalore Institute of Technology. I love cooking and I'm a big foodie myself. I'm an active member on Couchsurfing and I have hosted quite a lot people this year, especially during the summer. I work part time at a cafe here in Gothenburg and it's one of the best things that's happened in the last one year. I also love football and I play for a 6th division club here. Yes, a European dream has come true for me. Classic Rock is my genre of music but it can always change depending on the mood and environment. I love to travel and I'm an adrenaline junkie. I Skydived and Bungy jumped in a span of 48 hours in Switzerland in the summer of 2017. Life in Gothenburg is fun, but if you want to make it even better just get in touch with me and I'm sure that we'll have a great time. I hope you have a great time here in Chalmers and in Sweden for however long you're here for. Make use of your time in the best way you can think of. Make memories!!
Ashok Krishna
Vanakkam/Hello/Hej.. ​I​ am ​Ashok Krishna pursuing my Masters in Automotive Engineering here at Chalmers. Nicknamed the “​G​lobe ​T​rotter” and have been handling profuse iterations of currency conversions for quite a while now.. Perhaps thats why they let me handle the finances here at RANG I guess :p. A bit about me, I like travel and adventure and the sense of adrenaline rush in pushing the machines to their limits. I will leave the love for food and cooking aside as it has reached a by default status. :p I believe the sense of being an Indian is deep ingrained in our DNA and no matter in which part of this planet one is, this sense never ceases to amaze fellow people. That being said, one must also never forget one's roots and under any circumstance lose one's identity. There is no doubt we have the absolute shear pride and honor to have such a diverse heritage. For me RANG stands as a medium to stay in touch with our rich and diverse culture and a warm milieu to cherish the sense of togetherness across continents and to nurture one’s talents and to not lose touch of our cultural values.
Mukund Cothuru Venkata
Event Manager
Kära vänner, Basically i am a civil engineer by bachelors and decide to study masters just to get out of the Indian work culture in the construction industry. I am one of the event managers of Rang. And i help in organising everything required for an event to take place. My interests are travelling and flying. Thats why i am also the member of the Chalmers Ballong Corps. I watch a lot of Tv series especially DRAGONBALL SUPER, my personal favourite, which is going on now. Sweden is my first country outside India and i am already in love with it (Ofcourse India is the best :P). I am just living in the moment and making most out of it while i can in Sweden. I am now trying to learn swedish with an intensive course so that i can find a job in Sweden and earn in Kronas :p Wishing you all my best regards for a wonderful memory in Sweden. Lycka till!!!
Keerthana Jayaprakash
Event Manager & PR
Hello. My name is Keerthana and I'm studying Quality and Operations Management at Chalmers. I also head the Event Management and take care of PR at RANG-Chalmers Indian Association. India is a world in itself, filled with a culture and traditions which constantly brings people together to celebrate life. As an event manager, I have the opportunity to share with the world, these celebrations through various events.
Shiva Ajay Jagadeepan
Social Media Manager & PR
Welcome to Chalmers...! Hey, I am Ajay, pursuing my Masters degree in Systems, Control and Mechatronics. I am passionate in photography and traveling. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. We the Rang family is here to help you. Wishing you a wonderful time at Chalmers and existing new experiences...! Välkommen till Göteborg.
Vignesh Krishnan
Social Media Manager & PR
Vanakkam! I am in my second year of Masters in Automotive engineering and am all fascinated about aircrafts, bikes, cars, trucks, technology, music and of course food, duh! Ever since my arrival at Gothenburg, I have been associated with RANG. From keeping me engaged to managing time and work, it has been a great journey being a part of RANG. It is great fun to work as a team and it is a wonderful learning phase where we share ideas, learn to adjust, take responsibilities etc. Though we are thousands of miles away from home, it gives a sense of satisfaction in being a part in sharing the Indian culture and traditions in a new place. Do feel free to contact me for any info! Have a fun-filled journey in Gothenburg!
Akhilesh Krishna
Swad - Head
Hey everyone, Its me Akhilesh (Indian version name of Greek God- Akilles) but you can call me AKI. Pursuing Masters in Product Development (won't bore you with my degrees). I started cooking for my survival in Sweden and now I have turned Pro in cooking and i am the head of RANG- SWAD, hmm... makes sense. I love singing, dancing, drama, fitness, playing Kazoo and Tabla, sketching.....literally everything that involves creativity and fun. I am good in giving moral support and motivating, so if you feel depressed you know who to approach. I am in love with Sweden but am slowly starting to relishing cold servings. Have a fun time in Sweden and make the most out of it. Enjoy!!!
Rajasekar Govindaraj (Rajesh)
Taal - Head
Hej it’s Raj (Rajasekar), a second year master student in Embedded Electronic System Design program at Chalmers. I have been an active member of Rang for the past two years and also the head of Taal, the dance club of Rang for the year 2017. It was neither my dream nor my passion to be closely involved with dance for this long but I would be denying truth if I said I wasn't interested. Having no formal training in dance whatsoever, I stepped into Rang with my only expectation to use the most of the opportunity coming my way. Little did I know that my stint with Taal and Rang would exceed my expectation in every possible way. I have had the luxury to be closer to home than ever with the incredible network that Rang helped me gather and also the privilege to showcase Indian culture in international events in Gothenburg. I can certainly say that all you need to share my experience and be a part of this extended family is nothing but the interest and willingness to join.
Anupama Dhareshwar
Sur - Head
I’m Anupama Dhareshwar, a Masters student in Interaction design. My biggest passions are design and music. While I catered to my love for design with my Masters program, being a part of Sur gave me a platform to showcase my love for music. It’s been a fantastic journey being a part of Sur, from meeting new people to exploring new genres of music and from performing classics to creating beautifully tailored combinations of previously unheard songs. Through countless, fun-filled jam sessions culminating in brilliant performances, we’ve learned as a band to resonate not just musically but on so many levels.
Karthik Vasudeva Murthy
Bhav - Head
Hej, Bengaluru- Gothenburg , Finding a home away from home, The journey which did start on the pretext on studies did evolve into something big and beautiful. Theatre as an art form has influenced me right from my childhood and has played a vital role in the development of my personality. RANG gave me the perfect platform to showcase my talents. BHAAV, The theatre group gave our very first performance at India Day 2016, and ever since growing in name and size. Would you like to be a part of this ? Don't hesitate to drop a mail or hit me up on Facebook. Cheers.
Sushanth Shandilya
Advisory Council
Adhinathan Srinivasan Rajalakshmi
Advisory Council
Premkumar Ayyadurai
Advisory Council
Abhilash Ram
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